Home Processing 3: Making Masa

Carnival Arepas, unadorned.
At the Natural Epicurean, we offer classes for two kinds of students; students taking recreational classes and students in the Natural Chef Training Program. Some of our classes are ONLY open to students in the Natural Chef Training Program, including our three Home Processing Series, and both Home Remedies Series.
Vegan Menudo before garnishing.

We are currently teaching the Home Processing 3 – Pickles, Mochi, Masa Milks & Creams series, which has been a lot fun, a great bonding expeience, and a nice chance to be creative. Last week, we had Home Processing 3: Making Masa , which was a stellar class. We made hominy from dent corn, masa from dent corn, menudo, and both tamales and arepas from fresh masa(nixtamalized masa) and dried masa (masa harina).

Carnival Arepas with Creamy Tofu Dip and Cilantro.

Natural Chef Training program student Cheryl Resor enjoyed the class so much that she wrote the following note:

Every once and a while you have one of those classes that remind you that you are living the “Big Life”… Masa class was great! We learned to make tamales, which has up to this point been a far away and unachievable goal (northeast-coster that I am with a German heritage and all). Christina also showed us the painfully delicious difference between homemade hominy and masa flour. Can I really find time to make masa from scratch? Or am I willing to settle for the vague shadow of its likeness in the convenience of masa flour? Only time will tell. We jumped in and made tamales and arepas together like a group of old friends or family. Tina made some fresh ice tea with barley, kukicha, lemon and a dribble of agave. Yum. We finished with a beautiful stew that Christina whipped up (and almost took my finger off for sampling before it was ready). What was the name of that dish? Savory Goodness? Hangover Stew? Dang Delicious? Marie stopped by as she is apt to do…I think she must have followed her nose. And to top it all off Amanda (aka sweets and flowers) graciously offered fresh beautiful flower bouquets to all.
Happy Solstice to All as we welcome the long hot summer! May it be full of friends, laughter, fun in the sun, great delicious food and love!

XOXOXO to all!


The stew Cheryl mentioned is Vegan Menudo. Learn more about it here.

Vegan Menudo with all the fixin’s.